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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Apple Front Row: Integrated into an Audi A6!

Audi A6
A lucky guy succeeded to integrate Apple`s Front Row into the in-dash display of his Audi A6 with some help of an Audi technician.
A French owner of an Audi A6 (Elie) has managed to connect his Apple Powerbook laptop to the in-dash GPS Navigation display (with a little bit of help from an Audi technician). At the moment, the Powerbook hands in a net back in the trunk where it should (mostly) be safe from road bumps. The best part is that he uses a Sony Ericsson K750i as a Bluetooth remote control for the whole system…

We are jealous! Great car, great integration!

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Source: MacBidouille via Ubergizmo

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