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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mac Mini: Integrated to an Infiniti M45 Sport

Infiniti with mac mini integration
We reported some days ago about a guy who managed to integrate Apple's Front Row into his Audi A6.
Now we found somebody else who integrated a full Apple Mac Mini into his Infiniti M45 Sport! And yes, it also has Front Row running.
Great thing is that you can watch a lot of pics. Enjoy!
2006 Infiniti M45 Sport. Apple Mac-Mini installed in the center console. Audio out via a Griffin iMic. Video out through Apple's DVI to Composite video adapter. Remote control via bluetooth with the Palm Treo 650 running Salling Clicker. Kensington bluetooth mini-mouse for browsing the web and controlling the computer. The Mac-Mini has built-in wifi for wireless web access and can also get online using the Treo 650's bluetooth dial-up connection through sprint. Rsync X is used to update the Mac-Mini's iTunes library each night with the latest music, videos, and playlists from the Power Mac G5 inside the house.

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Source: Drag Times

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