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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hover Creeper: The Amphi Mechanic board (with video)

Hover Creeper
If you want to repair your car (or install the latest gadgets with under-car-installation) you can do this in the Back-to-the-future way.
A 14-pound creeper that floated on compressed air bladders. Mechanics already have compressed air in their garage for tools, why not take advantage of it? Just plug it in and glide under the car. Once underneath, the mechanic can hit a lever, let the creeper fall to the ground and have stable leverage for more torque, something he couldn't do before. Oh, and the mechanic can still use the compressed air; he just plugs the tools into an air outlet on the creeper. When navigating over the hectic landscape of the garage, he simply floats over cracks, bolts, washers and other debris that would have stopped a wheeled creeper in its tracks. Plus, a tool caddy is built into the creeper body.

See it in motion:

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Source: Davison International

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